Causal Loop Diagram

Found this wikipedia article on causal loop diagrams and thought of the parallel  this idea seem to have with the map I’ve created to structure my film. This is helping a lot to find ways on visualizing how things develop in time on such systems. At the end this is what I am trying to… Read more »


Slit Scan Dance

Slit Scan Dance

Great use of “Slit Scan” or what is named in the video above as time displacement. What happens when multiple moments of ourselves converge and are visible in one single moment? powerful visual effect and provocative ideas about time arise.


Human Towers Are Built In The 24th Tarragona Castells Competition

Human towers in Tarragona

  Wow, pure beauty! the intricate process to make these towers work is thrilling. I am moved by the sense of connection to old traditions and the image of the young ones going to the top. The past holding the future.