My House Portrait


The image of a house has the opposite perspective in relation to the corner walls in which it is projected. When the spectator walk along the space, an optical illusion takes place. This video is a documentation of the installation and shows the illusion as the viewer would see it. The perspective of the house changes as one walks from side to side due a natural optical/neural phenomena and not due to digital or other forms of image manipulation.


Idea & Animation: Juan Camilo González
Format: Installation
Technique: Digital Drawing


2010 Adobe First Frame Installations USA


This is the first approach for what I intend to be a larger project using architecture as a screen.

The illusion is created by basically projecting an image with the opposite perspective of the surface it is projected on. The human eye in dispute with our brain creates the magical illusion before our eyes when we travel through the space.

I am interested on using non flat screens and architecture to explore different possibilities in which animation is viewed and experienced.

During the renaissance, science and art developed great understanding on how the human eye construct what we see and mastered perspective to create the illusion of tridimentionality and space in flat surfaces.

Frescos in churches ceilings are a great example of flat images adapted to non flat surfaces. Yet the proper amount of distortion and understanding of perspective let the artists create realistic looking worlds as if the actual ceilings disappeared. Affecting the way we experience and understand the biblical stories happening in the mystic sky. The effect on the viewer is a powerful relation with the space and the content of the images.