SiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSi 2

SiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSi (2011)

The never-ceasing repetition of polite gestures. A micro-universe is created in 4 sets of 11 pieces of paper with hand drawn animated cycles.

In Abyssus HumanÆ ConscientiÆ (ReconoceR) (2011)

ReconoceR is a palindrome word in Spanish that means “to recognize.” The film is an abstract summary of the history of violence in Colombia, playing back and forth in an exercise to recognize its complexity. It is the first film within a series to be paired with the music composition “In Abyssus HumanÆ ConscientiÆ” by Colombian composer Rodolfo Acosta.