Slit Scan Dance

By: Juan Camilo González


Great use of “Slit Scan” or what is named in the video above as time displacement. What happens when multiple moments of ourselves converge and are visible in one single moment? powerful visual effect and provocative ideas about time arise.

The possibility to bend and transform “real life” through the manipulation of time and metamorphosis are some of the most fundamentally powerful devices that make animation a unique form. With that being said, the advent of video and digital technologies allow for images to be manipulated at the microscopic level (same realm in which animation operates) so that “real life” imagery can also be used to investigate time and metamorphosis as animators would.

The idea of transforming the world as we see it (trying to avoid naming it “real”), was already explored by animators through the use of Pixilation, which involves a thinking process at a microscopic level of time, each frame is deliberately placed against the next with the purpose of making the world look “Pixilated” or enchanted. What is different in this example of Slit Scan is that the manipulation happens within each frame and a single image contains several instances of time. The effect is mesmerising and the possibilities seem to make this technique a self reflective “effect” that speaks about time effortlessly and is able to very quickly produce affect.


Here is another example:

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