Notations (2016)

Interactive application created for improving research into how animators use unique notational systems to structure their films.

Flock (2013)

An animated visualization of seismic and terrorist attacks data from Colombia during 2003. The combined database is fed into Processing to generate the animation based on variables such as geolocation, date & magnitude of the seismic data, as well as number of deaths and geolocation for the terrorist attacks. The result is an abstraction of this information and an alternative approach to read the events.

My House Portrait (2010)

The image of a house has the opposite perspective in relation to the corner walls in which it is projected. When the spectator walk along the space, an optical illusion takes place. This video is a documentation of the installation and shows the illusion as the viewer would see it. The perspective of the house changes as one walks from side to side due a natural optical/neural phenomena and not due to digital or other forms of image manipulation.