Images, videos, code, writings and other relevant information that document the steps of my work as it unfolds.


Animation Workshop in Poland 2 – Pulse Structure

The work that I had done in preparation to the workshop was primarily finding the structure of the piece. In the past I have been resistant to the idea of writing scripts or producing story-boards, not because I think they are not important, but because they felt foreign as a form of putting the ideas for my… Read more »


Animation Workshop in Poland 1 – Falling Up

Recently I was in Poland at the animation workshop run by Jerzy Kucia and this became the opportunity for me to invest some time concentrated on the practical project for my dissertation. It was an extraordinary experience, so many things happened during a short period of time and I am documenting them in a series of posts… Read more »


3 experiments with line

The following are 3 small experiments on Data Driven Drawings for the web. A line with D3.js and SVG I am using the d3 library and its easiness to visualize any kind of data to have the first look at my material. In this case, earthquake data from colombia gathered from Ingeominas and terrorist attacks data from the Centro Nacional… Read more »


Modularity and minimalism, sprite animations for the web

The web in its infinitely limited capacity provokes a lot of interesting challenges for someone like me trying to combine traditional forms of animation and Internet technology. One of the ideas I’ve been more curious about lately is modularity, how to push hand drawn animated frames into a generative system that can infinitely develop? Part of the answer… Read more »


New Cycle

It’s been almost 2 years since I came to Singapore to start my PhD, what has been of it so far is a lot of reading and writing and I miss the less analytical mindset in which I usually perform a creative act. This website is going to be my virtual temple where I can retreat and… Read more »


Causal Loop Diagram

  Found this wikipedia article on causal loop diagrams and thought of the parallel  this idea seem to have with the map I’ve created to structure my film. This is helping a lot to find ways on visualizing how things develop in time on such systems. At the end this is what I am trying… Read more »


=Lines Horizontal ||Lines Vertical

Exploring minimalism. My starting point is a simple animation of a line in 11 frames, then I am taking this into after effects and I will construct all the images with this simple cycle. Variations in size, position and rotation, allow me infinite possibilities to draw and consequently animate anything just by using 11 drawings…. Read more »